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NFC21 - Writer is a free tool that allows easy management of NFC projects and writing of single and multiple NFC tags. In this How2 we explain how to write a URL, a text, or a vCArd to a suitable NFC tag. You can find out which NFC tag is suitable here.

For writing you need a read and write device, which can be connected via USB to a Windows computer or laptop. Suitable hardware is ACR1252U - NFC Forum-Certified Reader/Writer and ACR1255U-J1 Bluetooth NFC smart card reader.

Connect NFC Reader/Writer

In order to write to an NFC tag, an NFC reader/writer must first be connected. This then acts as an interface between the system and the NFC tag. In our example we use the NFC Reader/Writer DL533R from D-Logic. The reader/writer is supported by all common operating systems (Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux with libusb 1.0+) and can be easily connected via USB.

When the reader/writer has been successfully connected and recognized by the system, the active connection is displayed in the system settings in Windows and the display in the NFC21-Writer software. The D-Logic NFC Reader/Writer also lights green.

  • 1. Connect NFC Reader/Writer
  • 2. Connect NFC Reader/Writer

Start NFC21-Writer Software

After the NFC Reader/Writer is successfully connected to the system, the NFC21-Writer software can be started.

When the software is started for the first time, three messages will appear. After these have been understood & accepted, the software opens and the writing process can now be started.

In the following, we will now explain the basic functions and structure of the NFC21-Writer software.

Start NFC21-Writer Software

Structure of the NFC21-Writer Software

The user interface of the NFC21 - Writer software is basically divided into two parts. On the left hand side are the different tag types that can be written to an NFC tag (URL, TEXT and VCARD).

HOME is in the same list. Here you can see the writing process.

Depending on the selected tag type, a list of NFC tags appears on the right side (e.g. a list of NFC tags with a URL). Information must be added to this list to write it to an NFC tag.

Using the Create, Edit, Delete and Copy toolbar in the upper window menu, the list entries can be edited.

  • 1. Structure of the NFC21-Writer Software
  • 2. Structure of the NFC21-Writer Software

Tag-Typen erstellen

To create a tag and then write it to an NFC tag, we click on Create above. In the following window you can choose between the three tag types.

Depending on the tag type, the necessary information must then be entered. When this is done, the tag appears in the list for the corresponding tag type. This list serves as an overview and allows you to describe several NFC tags one after the other with the same or different information of a tag type.

  • 1. Tag-Typen erstellen
  • 2. Tag-Typen erstellen

Write NFC tag

Now the list entries (URLs, text or vCards) can be described on NFC tags. To do this, we select a list, mark the desired tag and then click on Write.

In the write dialog we can jump back and forth between our list entries using the arrows to the right or left at the top left of the dialog. When the desired entry is selected, the NFC tag can be written to simply by holding it over the NFC Reader/Writer. A signal and the sentence NFC tag successfully written! confirms the successful writing on the NFC tag.

  • 1. Write NFC tag
  • 2. Write NFC tag

Extended write functions

In the write dialog you can make some more settings:

With Lock tag NFC tag is locked after writing and cannot be overwritten with new information. On the other hand, if Overwrite content is activated, the new content is stored on the NFC tag even if it already contains information and is not locked.

If there are several NFC tags, it may be useful to automatically select the next URL from the list for writing after 50 successful write operations, for example. After how many successful write processes this should happen can be set with Jump after writing X Tags to the next entry.

Extended write functions

In this How2 we explained how the datatypes URL, Text and vCard can be stored on several NFC tags in a row. This is especially advantageous if many NFC tags have to be written with the same data at once.

In this How2 we describe how to read several NFC tags with a Windows laptop or Windows computer.

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