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NFC stickers: easy communication at short distances

NFC tag stickers are small labels with an integrated NFC chip. They enable wireless communication with NFC-enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets over short distances. The stickers can contain various information, such as URLs, contact information, text messages or commands to perform certain actions - depending on the integrated chipset. They offer a simple way of sharing digital content, labeling products or controlling automated processes. All you need to do is bring them into contact with an NFC-enabled device.

Overview of available materials, colors and chips

To meet the needs of different application scenarios, we offer a comprehensive selection of NFC stickers with individual features.

Optimal material for every application

It is important to choose the right material according to individual requirements. A major difference lies in the water resistance and the rigidity or flexibility of the materials. Some of our NFC stickers also offer a 3M adhesive layer that ensures a firm hold on surfaces and is resistant to moisture, heat or cold.

Waterproof materials for outdoor use

  • FPC (flexible material, heat-resistant)
  • PVC (rigid material)
  • PPS (rigid material, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant)

Limited to no water-resistant materials

  • PET (only water-repellent, flexible)
  • Paper (flexible, not waterproof)

Chip types and color variety

With our stickers you can choose between different NFC chiptypes wählen. Each type offers different functions and features. These range from basic tags such as the NTAG213, NTAG215 and NTAG216 to more specialized options such as the MIFARE Ultralight EV1, MIFARE DESFire EV1 and the MIFARE Classic EV1. In addition, there are chips such as the NXP NTAG413 DNA, the NXP NTAG424 DNA and the I-CODE-SLIX, which offer advanced features such as security and authentication.

The variety of colors of NFC stickers offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. Depending on the material, you can choose from different colors such as white, black, blue, red or green to make the stickers stand out. Transparent stickers, where only the antenna is visible, are also available and can be applied and used inconspicuously. This variety allows you to choose the NFC stickers to suit your individual style and the requirements of your environment.

NFC stickers in a business environment: opportunities and added value for your company

NFC stickers are true all-rounders and can be used in a variety of scenarios such as in everyday life, at events and in marketing.

NFC stickers are extremely practical in everyday business. For example, they can be used as a digital business card, eliminating the tedious typing of information and saving valuable time.

The versatile properties of NFC stickers are also extremely useful at events. Instead of carrying tons of flyers home with you, all you have to do is scan the NFC sticker and all the relevant information can be called up directly on your smartphone. In addition, exhibiting companies can use NFC technology to present their products interactively and thus arouse the interest of potential customers.

NFC stickers also have great added value in marketing. By simply writing on the stickers, information about products or services can be conveyed in a targeted manner without needing space for detailed texts. Interested parties can obtain further information with just one click and thus go directly to the online store, for example.

Creative ideas for using NFC stickers in the private sector

NFC stickers can also be used in a variety of ways at home. Below you will find some creative ideas on how you can use NFC stickers at home.

Ein blauer NFC Sticker auf einer Waschmaschine

Stick the NFC tag sticker on the washing machine or dryer. As soon as they are switched on, a Timer starts on the cell phone to indicate when they are ready.

Ein grüner NFC Aufkleber im Auto

Place an NFC sticker in your car. When you scan it, your favorite playlist starts automatically.

Ein grauer NFC Sticker an einer Haustür

Attach an NFC tag sticker to your front door. This makes it easy to share your Wi-Fi access data with your guests.

Jemand scannt einen NFC Sticker auf einer Nachttischlampe

Position NFC stickers in the living room or bedroom and program them for different lighting scenes.

Rote NFC Sticker kleben auf Lagerkisten

Stick NFC stickers on storage boxes in the basement or garage to know what's inside.

Violette NFC Sticker auf 3 Blumentöpfen

Attach small NFC stickers to flower pots to store information about the plants or set up a watering reminder.

NFC stickers for special requirements

NFC stickers with special features may be required for certain applications. Discover our range, which also includes these specialized products.

Tamperproof NFC stickers

Tamperproof NFC stickers are special stickers that have been developed to protect against unauthorized access or tampering. These tamperproof NFC stickers cannot be removed once applied, as any attempt to remove them will destroy the antenna and render the chip unreadable. Due to these properties, they are used in various scenarios, including driving license tests, to ensure that the sticker cannot be transferred to other driving licenses. They are also used for product identification to confirm the authenticity of products and serve as a seal for outer packaging to detect tampering during transportation.

NFC sticker on metal

Normal NFC stickers do not work on metallic or conductive surfaces. The metal interferes with the electromagnetic field required for data transmission when scanning the NFC tag. To solve this problem, so-called on-metal stickers have been developed that are optimized for use on metallic surfaces. These stickers are equipped with an insulating ferrite layer to isolate the antenna. Thanks to this special design, the stickers can also be used on metallic surfaces without any problems and without impairing signal transmission.

Customized NFC stickers

Can't find a suitable product in our online store? No problem! We offer the possibility to design individual NFC stickers according to your wishes. Choose the material, format and NFC chip that meets your requirements. Create your own design with your CI colors or your company logo. We will be happy to provide you with professional advice and support. Simply contact us to find out more or to discuss your individual requirements.


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