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NFC cards: Intelligent solutions for modern business

Immerse yourself in the world of technological innovation with NFC cards. But what exactly is an NFC card and what is behind this technology? An NFC card is a contactless chip card that can transmit information wirelessly using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The NFC chip inside the card enables short-range communication by using radio waves. The protected location of the chip inside the card makes it resistant to external influences such as dirt and moisture. Thanks to their flexibility and security features, NFC cards are an efficient solution for numerous business requirements and are used in various areas. Below you will find examples of the possible applications of NFC cards:

Discover the many possibilities of NFC cards for businesses and find innovative applications to drive your business forward. From digital business cards to efficient access control, NFC business applications offer new ways to optimize processes and improve interaction with customers and employees.

Variety of materials: The range of our NFC cards - from metal to paper

Discover the versatility of our NFC cards, which are available in different materials to meet the most diverse requirements:


Our elegant metal NFC cards solve the challenge of incompatibility with NFC tags by integrating the NFC chip into the card. To do this, we use a thin PVC layer on the back, behind which an NFC on-metal sticker is concealed. The PVC layer is color-matched to the metal card to ensure a harmonious look.


Plastics such as PVC or PETG form the core material of our NFC cards. These are characterized by water resistance, flexibility and versatility and are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They therefore offer a robust solution for a wide range of business applications.


Wood, particularly bamboo, represents a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing option. Ideal for environmentally conscious users, these cards blend seamlessly into natural environments and offer a sustainable alternative for companies with an ecological focus.


As a lightweight material, paper is particularly suitable for temporary applications. These cards are lightweight, cost-effective and yet offer an efficient solution for short periods of use or special events.

nfc cards made of metal
nfc cards made of plastic
nfc cards made of wood
nfc cards made of paper

The chip types of our NFC cards in detail

At the heart of NFC cards are the different chip types. Let's take a look at the options available to you:

NTAG 213, 215 and 216

NTAG 213, 215 and 216 are among the best-selling chips from leading manufacturer NXP. These NFC chips are compatible with all NFC-enabled devices and differ mainly in their memory capacity. We will be happy to help you find the right NFC chip that meets your individual requirements. This allows you to keep costs to a minimum and still guarantee sufficient storage space.


MIFARE chips offer optimal solutions for admission control, access control, time recording and ticketing (Ultralight EV1), maximum security for locking systems, access control and payment systems (DESFire EV1 and EV2), as well as proven access control at trade fairs and employee time recording (Classic EV1). A versatile range for security and performance.


The NXP NTAG413 DNA offers advanced AES-based security features, ideal for secure tag verification without an additional app. The NXP NTAG424 DNA goes further, with additional cryptographic mechanisms for sweepstakes, authentication and IoT applications. Both chips offer maximum security and versatility.


Perfectly suited for use in all aspects of merchandise security and particularly suitable for authenticity certification. The I-Code SLIX card is an excellent choice for demanding applications in these areas.

Design and function in one: options for customizing NFC cards

Design and function merge into a unique solution with our NFC cards. We offer the option of printing NFC cards and thus creating a personalized aesthetic. Whether in the colors of your corporate identity or with your company logo - the design options are diverse and can be adapted to your requirements. However, it is not only the external appearance that is flexible, but also the functionality. We enable individual coding, for example by adding URLs. This means that the cards are ready for immediate use and can be seamlessly integrated into your specific applications. Discover the possibilities of how we combine design and function in our customized NFC cards for your individual needs.

For the highest demands, we also offer the option of fully customized cards. Not only can you choose the design, but you can also customize the card according to your own ideas - determine the material, the chipset and even the desired format or size. With this comprehensive customization, we create NFC cards that are not only aesthetically pleasing and functional, but also meet your specific requirements.

We want to help you get the most out of the latest technology. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information and to find out how we can support you in using NFC cards.


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