Android application example: Activate "Car mode"

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In this article we describe how an Android smartphone can be put into Car mode by using an NFC tag.

This Car mode should include various settings that minimize distraction from the smartphone while driving and can shorten common operating steps. The goal is to set the smartphone to this Car mode simply by contacting the corresponding NFC tag. This can include, for example

Switch off WLAN

WLAN is not required during the car journey. To switch it off automatically we proceed as follows:

  1. Tap on TasksAdd a TaskNetworks
  2. Select WLAN
  3. Here we can choose between deactivate, activate and toggle by tapping on deactivate. We select disable.
  4. Select ✔ OK
Switch off WLAN

Establish Bluetooth connection

It can be very useful that the smartphone automatically connects to the Bluetooth device of the car (speaker system). This activates the hands-free system, the navigation announcement is played over the loudspeakers and music can be played. We achieve this as follows:

  1. Add a taskNetworks
  2. Activate Bluetooth → → ✔ OK
  3.  Add a taskNetworks
  4. Bluetooth device connection
  5. Here we tap on the magnifying glass symbol next to the text field and select the desired Bluetooth device.
  6. ✔ OK

Note: To establish the Bluetooth connection this way, the smartphone and the car's Bluetooth device must have been connected at least once before.

Establish Bluetooth connection

Mute your smartphone

Notifications must be avoided while driving. Therefore, in our example we want the smartphone to be muted:

  1. Add a taskSound & Media
  2. Here we select Volume : Notifications and then set the volume control to 0.
  3. ✔ OK

Note: Under Sound & Media you can set a variety of individual volume and notification settings for your smartphone.

Mute your smartphone

Open Google Maps

To launch Google Maps (or any other app) by contacting the NFC tag, we create the following task:

  1. Add a taskApp
  2. Here we tap on the small Android icon to the right of the text and then select the desired app.
  3. ✔ OK
Open Google Maps

In this article we have explained how to put an Android smartphone into Car mode. The settings used for this are completely variable and customizable. This scenario is intended to explain the basic functionality of Android tasks and automations so that you can create your own personal tasks and automations more easily.

We recommend the previous articles for writing and reading NFC tags with an Android smartphone, as well as the basics for creating automations and tasks.

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