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How2: Using NFC with the smartphone

NFC has established itself as a standard function in all relevant smartphones. Beyond payment, NFC technology enables advanced functions. From simply reading a URL to the use of NFC in apps for automation or data processing, there are no limits to what is possible. In this section, instructions for using NFC with smartphones are listed and continuously expanded.

How2: General

General - Automation

Using IKEA Rothult with NFC tags

In this How2 we explain how the NFC lock can be opened and closed with foreign NFC tags.

General - Frequent questions

Android: Activate NFC function

Enable NFC function on Android smartphones

FAQ: NFC with the Smartphone

Frequently asked questions about NFC and iOS, or NFC and Android

How2: iOS

iOS - Automation

Wecker mit NFC-Tag stellen

In diesem How2 eklären wir, wie mit einem NFC-Tag direkt ein Wecker gestellt werden kann.

Basics: Creating short commands and triggering them with NFC tags

This How2 introduces the app shortcuts for iOS 13 and shows how smartphone actions can be performed automatically by an NFC chip.

Advanced: Performing actions through an automation

Add and save additional smartphone actions to an existing automation.

Create complex automations

In this How2, an example scenario is used to explain how different actions can be linked together in a meaningful way.

Start music playback via a Bluetooth box with NFC

This How2 explains how an NFC chip can automatically play music from a playlist on a Bluetooth box.

Create toothbrush timer via NFC

This How2 shows how an NFC tag can be used to easily create a timer for brushing teeth.

iOS: Share Spotify Playlist with NFC

Share Spotify Playlists by NFC tags

Automatic reminder of an expiration date using NFC tags

In this How2 we explain how an NFC tag can be used to set an expiry reminder.

Share WLAN with NFC and an iPhone

This How2 describes how a WLAN network can be shared directly with an iPhone for every other smartphone using an NFC tag .

Save current location with NFC tag

In this How2 we explain how the current location can be saved and named with a quick scan of the NFC tag.

Mute all notifications by timeout with NFC

In this How2 we explain how to mute all notifications with only one NFC scan around an individual timeout.

Filter contacts directly with an NFC-tag

In this How2 we explain how to filter and display contacts directly using an NFC-tag.

Start app with NFC tag

Open an app directly with an NFC tag.

iOS - Read and write NFC-Tags

iOS: Read NFC tags with NFC21 Reader

It explains how different NFC tags can be read with the iPhone.

Search for ready-made shortcuts and save them to an NFC tag

In this How2 we introduce the Apple shortcut gallery and explain how to use it.

Reading NFC tags with iOS 14

Here we introduce the new NFC function in iOS 14.

NFC21 Tools: Read and write NFC-Tags with iPhone

NFC21 Tools: Read and write NFC-Tags

iOS: Label the NFC Cube

ios-label-the-nfc-cube ios-label-the-nfc-cube With our NFC Cube you get a six-sided cube and nine separate NFC stickers. Each sticker can be provided by you with any data type and can be stuck on …

How2: Android

Android - Automation

Android: Trigger tasks with conditions with NFC

Here we explain how conditions can be created for specific tasks.

Android: Automation with NFC

Create automations and tasks and trigger them with an NFC tag.

Android application example: Activate "Car mode"

In this How2 we present a concrete application example based on the knowledge of automation with the Android smartphone.

Android: Share Spotify Playlist

Make Spotify Playlist divisible by an NFC tag with Android

Sharing WLAN with NFC and an Android smartphone

This How2 describes how to make a WLAN network shareable with Android via NFC tag.

Start app with NFC tag

We will explain how your contact with an NFC tag can start an app directly.

Create a timer with an NFC-Tag

in diesem How2 erklären, wie automatisch ein Timer durch Kontakt mit einem NFC-Tag gestartet werden kann.

Android - Read and write NFC-Tags

Android: Write NFC tags

Writing NFC tags with different data types with Android

Android: Read NFC tags

Read NFC tags with Android

Android: Label the NFC Cube

android-label-the-nfc-cube android-label-the-nfc-cube With our NFC Cube you get a six-sided cube and nine separate NFC stickers. Each sticker can be provided by you with any data type and can be …

How2: windows

windows - Read and write NFC-Tags


Wir erklären, wie mehrere NFC-Tags mit verschiedenen Datentypen mit einem Windows Rechner beschrieben werden können.


Mit dem NFC21-Tools Reader können NFC-Tags mit einem Windows System im Hintergrund ausgelesen werden.