How to write and read NFC tags

Simply put NFC tags are containers for information which can be read by NFC-enabled devices such as smartphones. If a NFC tag contains for example a link, a simple scan with a smartphone automatically opens a mobile-optimized website on the scanning device. However, a NFC tag cannot only store links, but also other content types such as text or contact data. In this article, we seek to answer the question how information can be written on a NFC tag.

Encoding NFC tags with mobile apps

In everyday life NFC tags are often used to change several smartphone properties at once (e.g. activate/deactivate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ringtone) or to start apps automatically. In case you are planning to use NFC tags in this way, we recommend using a mobile app for encoding NFC tags. Such apps allow you to choose several smartphone properties to be changed and apps to be started from a list. Then, the NFC tag is encoded by touching the back of your smartphone. Most apps also offer the possibility to store links or simple text on NFC tags.

Here you can find our recommended Android, Blackberry and Windows apps for encoding NFC tags.

Encoding NFC tags with Windows applications

Especially, when a huge number of NFC tags should be encoded, it’s more convenient to use a Windows application instead of mobile app. In order to do so an additional NFC USB terminal or a NFC USB stick is required.

Using NFC21-Tools and a USB terminal to encode NFC tags

We offer for example the NFC21-Tools for encoding and reading NFC tags for free. The NFC21-Tools enable you to import an Excel table with data (text, URL or contact data) which is very helpful to encode a lot of NFC tags in a row. Simply touch the NFC terminal with a tag shortly to write the current Excel entry on the tag. Then, the software jumps to the following entry automatically and you can proceed with the next NFC tag. An additional mouse click enables you to activate a write protection easily.

Learn more about our NFC21-Tools. The free download you can find under

Manage NFC tags via NFC-Cloud

In case your desired use case exceeds the available memory capacity of NFC tags you can use our NFC-Cloud. One example for a very memory intensive application are complex business cards with additional information like a photo or links to a website and social media profiles. The memory limitation of NFC tags doesn’t matter if the content is saved in our NFC-Cloud securely while the NFC tag only contains a link to the cloud content. When a cloud tag is scanned, this indirect route cannot be noticed.

The NFC-Cloud might also be interesting for companies who want to monitor the performance of their NFC marketing campaigns. Our cloud offers comprehensive performance measures such as the number of scans of a specific cloud tag. This way, the number of people who have seen advertising contents can be monitored easily.

Learn more about our NFC-Cloud. Free registration is available under

Order NFC tags which are already encoded

Of course, we also offer to encode NFC tags for you. In case you wish that we encode your NFC tags simply add the product encoding to your shopping cart.

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