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NFC Sticker Epoxy - On-Metal - 30 mm - NTAG213 - 180 Byte - white

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Product information "NFC Sticker Epoxy - On-Metal - 30 mm - NTAG213 - 180 Byte - white"

The white NFC sticker allows the use of NFC on metallic surfaces and is weather resistant due to its epoxy material, making it ideal for protecting objects or product identification.

Short description

  • PET material, robust, self-adhesive
  • suitable for metallic/conductive surfaces
  • 30 mm diameter
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Ambient temperature from -25 to +70 degrees
  • NXP NTAG213 (NTAG213) - 180 Byte (NDEF: 137 Byte)

Product description

NFC product

The white on-metal sticker has an epoxy layer and is therefore robust and waterproof. An additional layer ensures that the NFC function also works properly on metallic surfaces. The backside has a 3M adhesive layer, which gives the sticker the necessary adhesive strength. The sticker has a diameter of 30 mm and a material thickness of 2.15 mm. The NFC microchip is invisibly integrated in the sticker and withstands temperatures between -25 degrees and 70 degrees. This article is compatible with all NFC-enabled smartphones.

NFC chip

The self-adhesive PET sticker is equipped with the original NXP NTAG213 and offers a cost-effective entry into the NTAG21x series. The NXP NTAG21x series impresses with the greatest possible compatibility, good performance and intelligent additional functions. The NTAG213 has a total capacity of 180 bytes (free memory 144 bytes), thereof usable memory in the NDEF 137 bytes. Each individual chip has a unique serial number (UID) consisting of 7 bytes (alphanumeric, 14 characters). The NFC chip can be written up to 100,000 times and has a data retention of 10 years. The NTAG213 has the UID ASCII Mirror feature, which allows the tag's UID to be appended to the NDEF message, as well as an integrated NFC counter that automatically increments during readout. Both features are not enabled by default. The NTAG213 is compatible with all NFC-enabled smartphones, the NFC21 tools and all ISO14443 terminals.
  • Total capacity: 180 byte
  • Free memory: 144 bytes
  • Usable memory NDEF: 137 byte

NFC Product
Adhesive layer: Yes (3M)
Antenna: Aluminium, Copper
Antenna format: 22 mm
Available colours: black, white
Carrier layer: 30 mm
Chip standards / ISO Norm: ISO 14 443-2 A, ISO 14 443-3 A
Dimensions: 30 mm
Material: PET
Material thickness: 0,46 mm (T)
On-metal: on metal
Operating temperature: Min -25°C - Max +70°C
Product form: round
Storage temperature: Min -55°C - Max +125°C
Type: Sticker
Water resistance: waterproof (IP67)
Weight: 0,72 g
NFC Chip
Chip: NXP NTAG213
Chip standards / ISO Norm: ISO 14 443-2 A, ISO 14 443-3 A
Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Memory: 180 Byte (free: 144 Byte, NDEF: 137 Byte)
NFC Forum Type: NFC Forum type 2
Compatibility: to NFC-enabled smartphones: 100%
Data retention: 10 years
Data transfer rates: 106 kbit/s
Number of write operations: 100.000 times

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NFC tags with NTAG chipset are compatible with all NFC-enabled smartphones. The NFC chips are delivered without content (empty).The use of NFC tags with a chipset of the NXP NTAG series is simple, but depends on the operating system used. The following links aim to give a quick start into that topic.


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In order to be able to use NFC tags under Windows, both suitablehardware (NFC-USB Reader / Writer)as well as suitable software. Of course you can find the suitable NFC hardware in ourshop. In ourHow2 collectionwe show how to use the NFC tags with the appropriate NFC hardware and software (e.g. ourfree software NFC21-Tools) can be used.
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