Set alarm clock with NFC tag

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Setting an alarm is probably one of the most common actions performed with a smartphone every day. Be it before going to bed, for reminder purposes or in the kitchen. Each time you need to unlock your smartphone, select the appropriate app, enter a time / day and activate the alarm.

The operating steps for this can be shortened very easily with an NFC tag. The command to set an alarm can be stored on an NFC tag, so that the smartphone only needs to be held over the NFC tag to set the alarm.

Another nice side effect is that attaching such a sticker in a clearly visible place can also automatically remind you to set an alarm.

In this How2 we want to explain how this works.

Enter the desired time

We want the smartphone to ask for the desired wake-up time after contact with an NFC tag. To do this we create a shortcut using the app Shortcuts+ Create shortcut+ Add Action.

Here we type ask in the search field above and select Ask for input.

With typing on Question we type in a question, for example: "When should I wake you up?".

Now we tap on Show moreInput TypeTime.

Enter the desired time

Set alarm clock

Now an alarm clock should be set for the desired time. To do this, we tap on the + → type alarm in the text field above → Create Alarm.

Finally, in the top right-hand corner, tap Next → Name the short command ("Set alarm clock") → Done.

Set alarm clock

Save short command to NFC tag

The short command must now only be stored on an NFC tag.

To do this, we open the app NFC21 ToolsTag TypesShortcuts → Enter our name in the text field ("Set Alarm") → Write on NFC Tag.

Pay attention to correct spelling!

  • 1. Save short command to NFC tag
  • 2. Save short command to NFC tag

In this How2 we have explained how to create a command in two three simple steps that automatically sets an alarm when the smartphone is held in front of an NFC tag.

In further How2 we will explain other applications of NFC tags in everyday life, such as connecting to a Bluetooth box or setting a specific reminder.

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