Android: Share Spotify Playlist

Total time: 3 Minutes

In this article we show how to save a Spotify Playlist on an NFC tag with the Android smartphone. The goal is to make this playlist divisible for other people by scanning the tag.

For a better understanding we recommend to read the article Activating NFC on Android and Writing NFC Tags with Android first, which explains how to activate the NFC function on the Android smartphone.

Note: To write NFC tags with Android, the free app NXP TagWriter from the Google Play Store is required.

Copy Spotify Playlist

In a first step, the link to the playlist must be saved to the NFC tag. To do this, we open the desired playlist and tap on the three white dots in the upper right corner.

Then we tap at the bottom on ShareCopy link and copy the link to the clipboard.

Copy Spotify Playlist

In the next step we want to save the link to the Spotify Playlist to the NFC tag.  To do this, we open NXP TagWriter and tap WriteNew RecordLink and then insert our link under Enter URI Data by holding down the text field and selecting Insert.


Save link to Spotify Playlist on NFC tag

In this article we have shown how to save the link to a Spotify Playlist on an NFC tag. Besides a link, many other types of data can be stored on an NFC tag, see writing NFC tags with Android.

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