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An NFC wristband for business use

With an NFC wristband, you can experience an innovative form of connectivity and get connected. This wearable is based on Near Field Communication technology, which enables fast and contactless data transfer between NFC-enabled devices simply by bringing them close together. Our wristbands are perfect companions for various business applications such as access control, trade fairs and locking systems.

The central component of our smart wristbands, the integrated NFC chip, optimally supports NFC business applications. This small chip not only enables smooth data transmission, but also serves as the basis for adaptation to a wide range of requirements. From access control to interaction at trade fairs - the right type of chip gives your NFC wristband the necessary versatility and functionality.

The role of different chip types in NFC wristbands

You have full control over the choice of chip type in our NFC wristbands. We offer the integration of any chip you require to ensure that your wearable meets your exact requirements.

We use the NXP NTAG216 chip in most of our high-quality wristbands. Not only does it offer enhanced functionality, but the price difference to the NTAG213 is minimal. Choosing the NTAG216 therefore gives you a cost-effective solution with extended possibilities for various business applications. For special requirements, such as NFC locking systems, we offer NFC wristbands with the NXP EM4200 RFID chip.

We actively support you in finding the right NFC chip. Discover the versatility of our chip types and design your NFC wristband according to your individual needs.

Flexible material selection for your NFC wristband

Choose from our wide range of materials to ensure that your NFC wristband meets your requirements both functionally and aesthetically:

Your vision, your wristband: the complete configuration according to your wishes

Are you looking for an NFC wristband that exactly meets your individual requirements? Then you've come to the right place! From a certain quantity, we offer you the option of configuring NFC wristbands completely according to your wishes. From material to chip to design, each product is created precisely according to your requirements.

The following options are available for individual configuration:

  • Selection of a specific material based on the planned use of the wristbands.
  • Different formats and sizes for a perfect fit.
  • Various NFC chips with different memory capacities to meet your technological requirements.
  • Your own design, whether in the corporate identity colors or including your company logo.

NFC wristbands are a revolutionary way to make business processes more efficient and digital. Our range offers you customized NFC solutions that can be adapted to your specific requirements and needs. With our NFC wristbands, you can save costs and increase the efficiency of your processes. If you would like to know more about how an NFC wristband can help you overcome business challenges, get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you on all your NFC-related questions.


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