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NFC Sticker PET - On-Metal - 22 mm - NTAG215 - 540 Byte - white

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Product information "NFC Sticker PET - On-Metal - 22 mm - NTAG215 - 540 Byte - white "

The white PET On-Metal Sticker is the right choice for those who need a plain sticker for metallic surfaces. This sticker is particularly suitable for inventorying metallic objects due to its on-metal nature, as well as for use in marketing campaigns where the sticker needs to be applied to a metallic surface.

Short description

  • PET material, flexible, self-adhesive
  • suitable for metallic/conductive surfaces
  • 22 mm diameter
  • Application indoor, conditionally also outdoor
  • Ambient temperature from -25 to +70 degrees
  • NXP NTAG215 (NTAG215) - 540 Byte (NDEF: 480 Byte)

Product description

NFC product

The surface material of the white NFC sticker is made of PET. The material is therefore conditionally waterproof, so that the sticker can withstand moisture even in moderation. The sticker has a diameter of 22 mm and a material thickness of 0.41 mm. The antenna is easily visible from the outside, because the sticker is white. The chipset of the sticker is compatible with all current NFC-enabled smartphones.

NFC chip

The PET Sticker is equipped with the original NXP NTAG215, which occupies the midfield in the NTAG21x series and represents a good compromise between memory size and cost. The NXP NTAG21x series impresses with the greatest possible compatibility, good performance and intelligent additional functions. The NTAG215 has a total capacity of 540 bytes (free memory 504 bytes), of which usable memory in the NDEF is 480 bytes. Each individual chip has a unique serial number (UID) consisting of 7 bytes (alphanumeric, 14 characters). The NFC chip can be written up to 100,000 times and has a data retention of 10 years. The NTAG215 has the UID ASCII Mirror feature, which allows the tag's UID to be appended to the NDEF message, as well as an integrated NFC counter that automatically increments during readout. Both features are not enabled by default. The NTAG215 is compatible with all NFC-enabled smartphones, the NFC21 tools and all ISO14443 terminals.
  • Total capacity: 540 byte
  • Free memory: 504 byte
  • Usable memory NDEF: 480 byte

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