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NFC Card PVC - 85,6 x 54 mm - NTAG 424 DNA - 416 Byte - white

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Product information "NFC Card PVC - 85,6 x 54 mm - NTAG 424 DNA - 416 Byte - white"

The white PVC card offers a high level of security due to its integrated NTAG424 DNA chip and thus extends the known NTAG functions (UID, UID mirror, etc.) with additional cryptographic mechanisms, which enable, among other things, the deposit of AES-128 protected data, the generation of signatures, encrypted UID or randomized ID. This makes this chip type suitable for lotteries, authenticity certification or use in IoT applications.

Short description

  • PVC material, flexible
  • Size 85,6 x 54 mm
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Ambient temperature from -20 to +70 degrees
  • NXP NTAG 424 DNA - 416 Byte (NDEF: 256 Byte)

Product description

NFC product

The white NFC card is made of PVC and has a format of 85.6 x 54 mm with a material thickness of 0.86 mm. It has a smooth surface and fits easily into common wallet compartments for cards due to its typical credit card format. The PVC material of the card is flexible and waterproof at the same time and is therefore perfectly suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

NFC chip

The PVC card is equipped with the NTAG424 DNA, which is considered the successor of the NTAG413 DNA, adds additional functions and is recommended for use in applications with increased security requirements. To this end, the chipset supports AES-secured authentication of content as well as the Secure Unique Message Feature (SUN) for generating a unique character string (HASH) based on a secret key. The generated string can be appended to a stored NDEF URL, for example, and can then be verified on the server side. The basis for this is the previously configured shared secret. The full potential of the chipset can therefore only be exploited with the appropriate infrastructure.
The NTAG424 has a total capacity of 416 bytes, which is divided into two usable memory areas ( 256 bytes + 128 bytes). The 256 byte memory area provides space for NDEF messages whereas the 128 byte area is for encrypted data. Each chip has a unique serial number (UID) consisting of 7 bytes (alphanumeric, 14 characters). The NFC chip can be written up to 200,000 times and has a data retention of 50 years. Of course, the NTAG413 also has the standard features of the NTAG series in the form of the UID ASCII Mirror feature, which allows the tag's UID to be appended to the NDEF message, as well as an integrated NFC counter that automatically increments during readout. Encryption relies on the AES-128 standard. Other features include an encrypted UID, randomized ID and ECC signature. The advanced features are not enabled by default. The NTAG424 is compatible with all NFC-enabled smartphones as well as with all ISO14443 terminals.
  • Total capacity: 416 bytes
  • Free memory: 256 bytes + 128 bytes secure memory
  • Usable memory NDEF: 249 bytes
NFC Product
Antenna: Aluminium
Available colours: white
Chip standards / ISO Norm: ISO/IEC 14443A
Material: PVC
Material thickness: 0,84 mm (T)
Operating temperature: Min -25°C - Max +70°C
Product form: rectangular
Storage temperature: Min -55°C - Max +125°C
Type: Card
Water resistance: waterproof (IP67)
Weight: 6,1 g
NFC Chip
Chip standards / ISO Norm: ISO/IEC 14443A
Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Memory: 416 Byte (NDEF: 256 Byte)
NFC Forum Type: NFC Forum type 4
Compatibility: to NFC-enabled smartphones: 100%
Data retention: 50 years
Data transfer rates: 106 kbit/s
Number of write operations: 200.000 times

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NFC tags with NTAG chipset are compatible with all NFC-enabled smartphones. The NFC chips are delivered without content (empty).The use of NFC tags with a chipset of the NXP NTAG series is simple, but depends on the operating system used. The following links aim to give a quick start into that topic.


Android smartphones with NFC require additional apps to write to NFC tags. We have compiled typical use cases inour NFC for Android How2 collection.


NFC tags can be used in iOS with the integrated app "Shortcuts". For other use cases, we recommend an additional app, for example our freeiOS app NFC21 Tools. In ourNFC for iOS How2 collection, we have included several use cases for writing NFC tags with iOS devices.


In order to be able to use NFC tags under Windows, both suitablehardware (NFC-USB Reader / Writer)as well as suitable software. Of course you can find the suitable NFC hardware in ourshop. In ourHow2 collectionwe show how to use the NFC tags with the appropriate NFC hardware and software (e.g. ourfree software NFC21-Tools) can be used.
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