Apps for Android

NXP Tag Writer

The comprehensive NFC app from market-leading NFC chip manufacturer NXP. With this app, NFC tags can be written with various data types, e.g. business cards, WLAN data, telephone numbers, links, and much more. When the tag is scanned, the corresponding task is then performed, e.g. a stored telephone number is called directly. With NXP Tag Writer you can also create larger data sets to write several tags one after the other.

Click here to download NXP Tag Writer. Click here for instructions.

NFC TagInfo by NXP

Another app from leading NFC chip manufacturer NXP. This app is not used to write NFC tags, but rather to read detailed information. Products with NFC chips can be scanned to see the stored content and properties of the chip.

Click here to download NFC TagInfo by NXP.

NFC Trigger

This app offers a whole range of functions, including changing smartphone settings, launching apps, social media login, sending messages and activating an alarm. Additionally, nested tasks can be created. Just the right thing for anyone looking for a feature-rich app.

Click here to download NFC Trigger.

Apps for iOS

NFC21 Tools

The app developed by us for reading and writing NFC tags with iOS. The app supports numerous tag types with which the NFC tag can be read, such as web links, business cards, positions, WLAN access and much more. When NFC tags are scanned, they are inserted into a clear history so that the content can be accessed later.

Click here to download NFC21 tools. Click here for our How-Tos.

NFC21 Reader

The NFC21 Reader app developed by the company specializes in reading NFC tags and offers the user an immediate action that matches the content read. This makes it as easy as possible to use already written NFC tags.

Click here to download NFC21 Reader. Click here for our How-Tos

App for Windows-Phone

Nokia NFC Writer

This is one of the few apps that allows users of a Windows phone to describe NFC tags. Nokia NFC Writer is particularly suitable for automating the sending of messages, making a call or various social media actions (e.g. sharing YouTube video, linking posts).

Click here to download Nokia NFC Writer.

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