Android apps

NFC Profil

A very clear app for changing smartphone properties and starting apps. The app allows to define any combination of six properties (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flight mode, ring tone, set an alarm, start an app). Easy to understand and perfect for beginners!

Click here to download NFC Profil.

NFC Trigger

This app offers a wide range of functions such as changing smartphone properties, starting apps, log in your social media accounts, send messages and set an alarm. Additionally, the app supports nested tasks. Therefore, the app is perfect for advanced users looking for a wide selection of functions.

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NFC Cloud

This app is the mobile version of our NFC-Cloud web portal and allows to change content on NFC tags remotely. Furthermore, the app is best suited to realize complex NFC business cards with contact data, a photo and links to social media profiles and websites. In order to use this app a free account on the corresponding NFC-Cloud website is required.

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NXP Tag Writer

An app with a wide range of functions offered by leading chip manufacturer NXP. This app allows you to encode NFC tags with various data types such as business cards, Wi-Fi data, phone numbers, links and much more. When for example a NFC tag with a phone number is scanned, the stored phone number is called automatically. NXP Tag Writer also offers you the possibility to create larger data sets in order to encode several tags in a row.

Click here to download NXP Tag Writer.

NFC TagInfo by NXP

Another app by leading chip manufacturer NXP. However, this app wasn’t developed for encoding NFC tags, but for reading detailed information. NFC tags can be scanned with this app in order to retrieve information about the properties of the built-in chip and its encoded content.

Click here to download NFC TagInfo by NXP.

Windows apps

Nokia NFC Writer

This app for encoding NFC tags is among the few available for Windows Phones. Nokia NFC Writer is best suited to automatize various smartphone functions such as sending messages, calling a number or sharing/liking social media content.

Click here to download Nokia NFC Writer.

Blackberry apps

NFC Shortcuts

An app which enables Blackberry users to encode NFC tags, too. This app can be used to change smartphone properties, send messages automatically or start apps.

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NFC Smartphone
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