NFC and Blackberry OS

Since August 2011 Research in Motion (RIM) supports Near Field Communication (NFC) with the BlackBerry OS 7.1. Thus, RIM took a bit longer to implement NFC functionality in BlackBerry Phones, but consequently equipped all BlackBerry OS 7.1 models with NFC chips. NFC-enabled BlackBerry Phones are for example BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930/9790, BlackBerry Curve 9360/9380 and the BlackBerry Torch 9860. Furthermore, the “BlackBerry Tag” allows to share content between two BlackBerry devices easily and to read passive NFC tags.

Share content between devices

The data exchange between to BlackBerry devices via NFC can be compared to sharing content with Google’s Android Beam or Window’s Tab+Send. First, the user chooses the content he wants to share on his phone. Then, the data are transmitted via NFC by holding another device near this phone.

Compatibility of NFC tags with BlackBerry

Most chips in our NFC tags are compatible with BlackBerry Tag. However, an important exception is the Mifare Classik 1K. Therefore, we recommend to read our product descriptions carefully when purchasing NFC tags for your BlackBerry. We always indicate in our product description if the built-in NFC chip is compatible with all common NFC-enabled smartphones or not.


The implementation of NFC functionalities in BlackBerries is still at the beginning. So far, no NFC payment app has been developed for BlackBerries like Google Wallet or The Wallet by other smartphone manufacturers. However, the publication by Thorsten Heins (CEO of Research in Motions) at THE GLOBE AND MAIL implies that RIM will work at solutions which enable BlackBerry users to interact with their environment. As this is the ideal application area of NFC, it remains interesting to watch the development of NFC and BlackBerry.

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