NFC business applications


Smart advertisement with digital posters

In their everyday lives people are confronted with so many advertising posters that only a few can leave a lasting impression. Your advertising posters can stand out from other posters if you allow passengers some kind of interaction with your poster. In order to create an interactive poster, you could attach NFC stickers which can be scanned by passengers to retrieve exclusive content. It’s for example possible to store a link to your company’s website, a coupon or a free download on such stickers. Moreover, you can retrieve statistics like the number of scans which facilitates the performance measurement of your marketing campaign.

Digital sweepstakes

Many companies make use of sweepstakes regularly to attract consumers’ attention and generate leads. However, a sweepstake like every other won’t attract much attention. An innovative solution are NFC sweepstakes where consumers can participate by scanning a NFC product.

Innovative giveaways

Especially at trade fairs it is common to give small gifts with brand logo to the visitors. This is intended to help the visitor to remember the company positively in retrospect. In practice, however, trade fair visitors often always receive the same give-aways (e.g. ballpoint pens, key rings). With an individually printed NFC-Give-Away you can positively distinguish yourself from other companies. On the one hand, visitors will certainly be pleased about interesting additional functions and on the other hand, you can also place a link with information about your company on the NFC-Give-Away. Our platform NFC-Url offers you the possibility to equip advertising media with NFC-tags. The URL of your desired landing page, to which you want to be redirected when scanning the NFC tag, is stored on the NFC chip. Your URLs are then managed via the NFC Smart Portal. This way, you always receive up-to-date statistics of your advertising campaign and can adapt them flexibly. 

Product assistants

Technical products in particular give rise to many questions regarding their use or suitable accessories. You can improve your customer service by attaching NFC stickers to your products. On these stickers additional information such as a link to the manual or to suitable accessories can be stored. This way, customers receive all important information about their product by scanning the NFC sticker with their smartphone. This leads to an increasing customer satisfaction and your customer service will probably receive lesser calls.

Product authentication

Meanwhile, product piracy has grown to a business worth millions of dollars. While fraudsters gain profit, the original manufacturer of a product loses his or her rightful revenue. A simple solution is the integration of NFC stickers into your products. This way, customers are able to verify the authenticity of their bought product by scanning the integrated NFC sticker. Furthermore, our NFC-Cloud software is able to detect counterfeit products as every integrated NFC sticker has a unique ID.

Digital business cards

Especially in professional life, you are constantly making new contacts. Usually you exchange business cards and the contact details have to be tediously typed into your mobile phone. An NFC business card makes it much easier to exchange contact data. Here, the new acquaintance touches the NFC card with his or her smartphone and the contact data is transferred to the address book. An NFC card also offers space for much more than just the mobile phone number. A link to a website, social media profile, photo and much more can be stored here (NFC-vcard). If you still don't want to do without the classic business card, we can also print your NFC business card with your contact details.

Recording of working times

In many companies working times are still documented via time cards or time sheets. However, NFC enables your company to record working times in a more contemporary way. Every employee simply touches a reader with a NFC card when entering or leaving the workspace. This way, working times are recorded electronically and can be further processed more easily.

Access control

In some companies employees’ access to certain areas is restricted for example due to security issues. Access is still often controlled by the use of magnetic stripe cards though these cards are known to be manipulated easily. Moreover, magnetic stripe cards have to be exchanged frequently as they are prone to wear. NFC cards are more robust and are also suitable for access control. A further advantage of NFC cards is that they can be used for access control and recording of working times concurrently.

Object monitoring

Company premises and other properties are often monitored by security staff. In order to proof that a security patrol has been finished properly, security staff members have to register themselves at certain checkpoints during their shift. Instead of magnetic stripe cards security companies could use more robust NFC cards for this purpose. Additionally, NFC cards can be used to record working times as well.  

Digital inventory

Every company has an inventory (e.g. desks, chairs, …) which has to be documented properly. The documentation is helpful at the fiscal year-end in order to estimate the inventory’s current value in a reliable way. NFC stickers at the entry of every working area facilitate the inventory process a lot as changes can be made easily with a smartphone. Moreover, the complete inventory can be retrieved at every time by scanning the sticker with a smartphone.

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