NFC21 Writer for iOS

Since iOS13 it is possible to write NFC-Tags with your iPhone. However, it is necessary to use an app to write to NFC-Tags with your iPhone.

Our app NFC21 Tools for iOS was designed to make writing to NFC-Tags as easy as possible. Also reading of NFC-Tags is supported and all read tags are stored in a comprehensive history view. Before you write an NFC-Tag a selection of possible content types is offered. Depending on the content, iPhone are able to read the tags without / with an app. NFC21 Tool explains such details before you write to a tag so that you can start to use them immediately withouth further experimenting.

Our NFC21 Tools to write and read NFC-Tags is available for free in the Apple App-Store:

Also, detailed instrunctions on how to use the app you will find in our How2 Section.

Erstellt: 2020-03-09 / Aktualisiert: 2020-03-10 2020-03-09 2020-03-10