NFC Cloud

If you aim to use NFC in a business context, mobile apps and Windows applications for encoding apps often won’t be the best solution for you. Most companies utilize NFC for business cards or marketing campaigns. However, NFC tags have only limited memory capacity which is sufficient for simple business cards with name, address and phone numbers. Complex business cards with a photo and links to websites and social media profiles require more memory capacity than NFC tags can offer. In case of marketing campaigns companies like to measure performance, but mobile apps or Windows applications for encoding tags usually don’t offer such an option. Our NFC-Cloud allows you to bypass these limitations and takes NFC usage in your company to a professional level.

Functions of NFC-Cloud

Unlimited memory capacity

If you’re using our NFC-Cloud to encode NFC tags, the actual content is saved securely in the cloud while the NFC tag contains only a link to the cloud content. This way, you don’t have to worry about memory limitations as every NFC tag offers enough capacity to store a link. NFC-Cloud is a smart solution for companies to realize complex NFC business cards including photo, address, email-addresses, phone numbers and links to websites or social media profiles.

Wide variety of content types

Mobile apps and Windows applications for encoding NFC tags usually only support storing text, URLs and contact data on NFC tags. Moreover, these apps can be used to program NFC tags to change smartphone properties or start apps automatically. Due to the limited memory capacity of NFC tags no further content types are supported. Our NFC-Cloud however supports a wide range of other content types and it’s even possible to create new content types.

Update data online any time

If you use a mobile app or Windows application for encoding NFC tags you have to repeat the coding process every time you want to change the content on your tags. Especially, if you want to change the content of a huge number of tags, this can be a very time-consuming process. NFC-Cloud accelerates this process as a Cloud tag always contains the same URL to its cloud content. So, you don’t have to encode every Cloud tag one by one. Instead you simply change the cloud content online and all Cloud tags storing the corresponding URL to this content are updated automatically.

Retrieve statistics any time

Companies are highly interesting in measuring the success of their marketing campaigns. A huge advantage of NFC advertising campaigns is the possibility to retrieve comprehensive statistics such as number of cloud tag scans from our NFC-Cloud. Many mobile apps and Windows applications don’t offer statistics as they were developed for the sole purpose of encoding NFC tags.

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