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You own an NFC capable Smarthone and want to test some NFC functions or apps? Then our NFC tags are a good introduction to the world of NFC. You can buy NFC Tags and NFC Starter Kits from us to try out the NFC function of your smartphone.

You can buy our NFC Tags via Paypal, AmazonPay, credit card or prepayment - shipping in Germany is free.

Which NFC Tags to buy?

NFC tags are available in different forms, such as stickers, smart cards or key rings. Besides the form, different storage capacities are available. Which tags are suitable for what I want to do? The video tries to explain the most important basics for buying NFC tags. If you have further questions, contact us.

Compatibility of purchased NFC Tags

You are not sure whether the NFC tags work with your end device? We test our products permanently with current smartphones. Furthermore, NTAG213, 215 or 216 tags are compatible with all NFC smartphones. The easiest way to get started is via an NFC starter kit. So you can buy our NFC tags without worries.

Since the tags comply with the ISO standard 14 443 A (see more in the NFC Basics) and rely exclusively on high-quality NXP chips, they work with all suitable devices. However, since every NFC tag implements the function a little differently (antenna design and chipset), the performance of the tags can of course vary slightly. If any problems occur, you can of course return the goods within the first 14 days. We are also happy to help you find a solution.

You have purchased NFC tags and tested the function with a device not listed? Please contact us so that we can complete the table for other customers!

Purchased NFC Tags - what happens next?

After the NFC tags have been purchased, the next step is the practical use. NFC tags can now be described with numerous apps. This makes simple use cases such as the specification of URLs, vCards or telephone numbers possible. For more complex use cases, numerous NFC apps are available. In our info area you will find a broad overview of topics related to NFC, such as typical use cases, the history behind NFC or how the function affects the power consumption of the smartphone.

Read our extensive How2 articles for step-by-step instructions on NFC features on Android and iOS. Here we also answer the most frequently asked questions.

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