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NFC Starter Kit Maxi

NFC Starter Kit Maxi

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NFC Starter Kit Maxi


The NFC Starter Kit Maxi belongs to our bestseller articles, as it offers a wide selection of NFC products. It contains articles from all our product categories (21 pieces overall) and three different chipsets to experiment with NFC. This starter kit offers the perfect selection to explore many possibilities of the NFC technology. The possible applications of a product depend on the built-in chipset, so the following sections sums up some typcial use cases:

The NTAG 213 (white blank stickers) is ideally suited to change smartphone properties (e.g. bluetooth on/off), to start various apps or to store URLs. On average one chip can store between five and seven commands.

The NTAG 215 (printed stickers and magnets) provides way more memory capacity, so products with this chipset can also be used as digital business card.

The NTAG 216 (coloured stickers, keyfob and card) has the highest memory capacity and therefore more commands can be stored on this chipset. Products with the NTAG 216 can be used as a digital business card, too.

Content of Starter Kit Maxi

  -      5 x NFC PET Sticker in white, 22 mm, NXP NTAG 213
  -      5 x NFC PET Sticker in white with logo, 30 mm, NXP NTAG 215
  -      3 x NFC PET Sticker in blue (2 times) and grey, 30 mm, NXP NTAG 216
  -      2 x NFC Magnet in blue and grey, 30 mm x 30 mm, NXP NTAG 215
  -      4 x NFC Epoxy Keyfob in blue and grey (both 2 times), 30 mm NXP NTAG 216
  -      1 x NFC Card in white, 85 mm x 54 mm, NXP NTAG 216
  -      1 x NFC protective cover in white

Features & Functions

Every product inside this starter kit contains another chipset. Therefore, all products contain a different amount of memory capacity, which can be used for various applications. The following chipsets are built in our products:

  -      white stickers: NTAG 213 with 180 Byte (NDEF: 137 Byte)
  -      white stickers with logo and magnets: NTAG 215 with 540 Byte (NDEF: 480 Byte)
  -      coloured stickers, keyfob and card: NTAG 216 with 924 Byte (NDEF: 868 Byte)

According to chipset manufacturer NXP all chipsets can be encoded up to 100,000 times. Every chip comes along with the UID ASCII Mirror Feature, which allows to attach the UID of the chip to the NDEF message. Additionally, the chip contains a NFC counter, which counts the times a NFC tag is read. Both functions are deactivated by default. Further information about this chip and other NFC chip types you can find here. We also provide you with a download of the technical documentation by NXP.


These are a few examples for possible applications of the products inside this starter kit.
  -      Shortcuts/ Change smartphone properties (e.g. WLAN/Bluetooth on/off)
  -      Use the products as digital business card (not possible with NTAG 213 products)
  -      Log in your social media accounts

A detailed overview about all possible NFC applications you can find here.

Similar Articles

We offer many different starter kit versions. Our starter kits differ in size and include various kinds of articles.


Here you can find a selection of apps, which are suitable for encoding the included products.

Technical Specification ... more
Chip: NXP NTAG 215 (NTAG215) - 540 Byte (NDEF: 480 Byte), NXP NTAG 213 (NTAG213) - 180 Byte (NDEF: 137 Byte), NXP NTAG 216 (NTAG216) - 924 Byte (NDEF: 868 Byte)
Chip standards: ISO 14 443-2 A, ISO 14 443-3 A, NFC-Forum Typ 1, NFC-Forum Typ 2
Chip functions: 7 Byte UID, UID ASCII Mirror, 24-bit Counter, Write protection, rewritable, ASCII Mirror
Data transfer: 106 kbit/s
Characteristics: waterproof, water resistant
Type: Sticker, Card, Keyfob, Magnet
Dimensions: 22 mm, 30 mm, 85 x 54 x 0,84 mm, 30 x 30 mm
Material: PVC, PET
Finishing: Epoxy
Adhesive: Yes
Temperature resistance: +, ++
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