Nokia Lumia 920

Came into the market in October 2012, the NFC Windows Phone 8 Smartphone Nokia Lumia 920 can scan and use various NFC tags and products thanks to the integrated NFC function.

The 185 grams heavy Nokia Lumia 920 has a 4.5 inch display based on IPS LCD and with a density of 332 ppi. It has a back camera with a maximum resolution of 8.7 megapixels. The front camera has a resolution of 1.3 MP.

In the Lumia 920 an internal storage of 32 GB is available. It works with a Dual-Core processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960), which has access to a total of 1 GB of RAM. For specialists: To calculate the graphics a Adreno 225 is called into action.

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