Share WLAN with NFC and an iPhone

Share WLAN with NFC and an iPhone
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If a WLAN network is to be shared with friends, the network key usually has to be entered manually. Therefore, both Android and Apple have developed a method to share the WLAN network within Android smartphones and iPhones. Android generates a QR code that can be scanned by other Android smartphones to automatically join the network. Apple's function for sharing the WLAN network is based on Bluetooth. Here the foreign device only needs to be in the WLAN settings and can then join the network with one click.

This only works if Bluetooth is enabled on both devices and at least one other iPhone nearby is connected to the corresponding network. NFC can simplify this process considerably by sharing the access data via NFC tag. When installed in an apartment, access to the WLAN is then only a quick scan away. This How2 describes how this works.

Determine network name and password

To store the wireless network on an NFC tag, you need the name (SSID) and password for the wireless network. By default, this data is stored directly on the router. If the password has been changed, you will of course have to enter the new password. If the iPhone is already connected to the WLAN, but the password is no longer known, there is unfortunately no way to display the password on the mobile phone with the iPhone (from iOS11). You have to use a laptop / MacBook or a PC. There the reading of the WLAN password is usually possible.

Write access data to NFC tag

To save a WLAN network to an NFC tag, open the app NFC21 Tools and type in Tag Types → Extended Tag Types on WLAN. Here you enter the name and password of your network and write this information to your NFC tag by clicking Write to NFC Tag.

  • 1. Write access data to NFC tag
  • 2. Write access data to NFC tag

Scan NFC sticker with WLAN access data

To scan the access to the WLAN network from the NFC tag, an app is required for iPhones. With an iPhone, the free app NFC21 Reader can be used to read NFC tags simply and quickly.

Scan NFC sticker with WLAN access data

Configuration options

When writing to the NFC sticker with NFC21 Tools, additional configuration settings can also be made. For example, when writing to the sticker, you can specify which key is to be used (e.g. WPA2) and which encryption is to be applied.

  • 1. Configuration options
  • 2. Configuration options

Sharing a WLAN network is very easy with an NFC tag. The NFC sticker can be attached to the entrance area, for example, or directly to the router so that people can scan it independently and quickly. If the WLAN password needs to be changed, the NFC tag can be easily overwritten and updated with the same steps. It is important to note that the NFC sticker should only be attached inside the apartment, so that only selected people can connect to your WLAN network.

Here we explain how sharing a WLAN network with Android using an NFC tag works.

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