Filter contacts directly with an NFC-tag

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Various information and properties can be assigned to a contact. In addition to the usual information such as first and last name, telephone numbers, e-mail address and place of residence, the company, homepage and social media channels can also be added. In the contact list only the first and last name are visible by default. If you want to search for contacts using other information, you have to enter this search term in the search bar in the Contacts app. This allows you to filter contacts.

The goal of this How2 is to shorten this step. It can be useful to have an NFC tag that filters your contacts directly based on a fixed criterion. For example, the NFC tag would then directly display all contacts of company NFC21. An NFC sticker with such a function could then be placed directly on a company logo. Another application scenario could be filtering into family contacts. When creating the NFC tag, you can define what you want to filter by, so that many use cases are possible. In this How2 we explain how to create such an NFC-tag.

Create shortcut and set filter

We open the app Shortcuts and tap + Create Shortcut+ Add Action. Now we enter contacts at the top and select Find Contacts.

The next step is to tap + Add Filter. By default, Group is Family appears. At this point we want to filter by a company name. To do so, tap on Group and select Company. Then we tap on is and select contains. By tapping on anything we can then enter our desired term, i.e. the company name. In our example, the filter term should be NFC21. If we want the search results to be sorted, we tap on Sort By and select Last Name for example.

We tap on done to confirm this steps.

  • 1. Create shortcut and set filter
  • 2. Create shortcut and set filter

Show filter results

We tap on + → enter list above → Choose from List. Now the filtered contacts are displayed in a list.

Show filter results

Select from list

In this last step we want to set that the contact can be opened with a tap. To do this, we tap on + → type in openOpen in... . We deactivate Show Open In Menu and then tap Choose and select Contacts in the appearing lists of apps.

  • 1. Select from list
  • 2. Select from list

Save short command to NFC tag

We save the shortcut by tapping Next, entering a name (filter contacts), and then selecting Done.

Then we open NFC21 ToolsTag-TypesShortcut → enter the name (filter contacts) of our shortcut → Save to NFC Tag Done.

Save short command to NFC tag

Download and upgrade shortcut

Here you can download the finished shortcut.


We have also extended the shortcut here: In this version, a contact can be selected by tapping. Then you can decide whether the contact should be called directly, sent an e-mail, or simply opened. With both versions of the shortcut, the shortcut must be saved on the NFC tag after downloading.

Download and upgrade shortcut

In this How2 we explained how to create an NFC tag that displays certain contacts from your address book after the scan. The filter term is super individual and can be adjusted flexibly as described in the first step. For example, it is possible to filter by an initial letter or an address.

In a further How2 we explain how to create individual shortcuts and save them on a NFC tag. We will explain the functionality of the app shortcuts as well as of our app NFC21 Tools.

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