Create toothbrush timer via NFC

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With an NFC sticker, certain actions can be performed directly without touching the screen. This is especially useful for making regular tasks easier - like brushing your teeth. An NFC sticker attached next to the bathroom cabinet, can be used to automatically set a timer when the iPhone is held over the sticker. This saves time and also reminds you to brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes to keep them healthy. In this How2 we explain how this works by creating a shortcut and then writing it to an NFC sticker.

Create shortcut: Set time for toothbrush timer

We create a shortcut by + Create shortcut and name it with toothbrush timer by clicking on the ... symbol at the top right. Now we tap on + → searching for timerStart timer. We tap on 30 and enter 2.5 (or another number of minutes).

  • 1. Create shortcut: Set time for toothbrush timer
  • 2. Create shortcut: Set time for toothbrush timer

Create shortcut: Show confirmation

By pressing +resultShow results a confirmation can be configured and displayed. Here we enter Timer set for 2,5 minutes!. By pressing Done we save the short command.

  • 1. Create shortcut: Show confirmation
  • 2. Create shortcut: Show confirmation

Save short command to NFC tag

To finally save the shortcut to an NFC tag, open NFC21 ToolsTag-TypesShortcut. In the text field, enter the name of the shortcut (toothbrush timer) and save it to the NFC tag by clicking Write to NFC Tag.

  • 1. Save short command to NFC tag
  • 2. Save short command to NFC tag

Download the shortcut

Here you can download the finished shortcut, which then only needs to be saved on an NFC tag using NFC21 tools. Also downloaded shortcuts can be adjusted and changed afterwards in the Shortcuts app.


We programmed a short command and saved it on our NFC tag. By scanning the NFC tag, it automatically create a timer of 2.5 minutes. To let you know that the timer has been set, you will receive a notification when the timer has been set. With NFC21 Tools you can not only store short commands on an NFC tag, but also many other types of data. How this works is explained here.

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