Create a timer with an NFC-Tag

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Timers are useful when certain actions have to be performed for a certain time. An NFC tag can trigger the setting of a timer. Such a tag can then be glued or placed at any position, e.g. in the household. For example, it can be helpful to hang a 2.5 minute timer next to the bathroom mirror to keep the necessary time when brushing your teeth. This Tag would also act as a reminder and allow the timer to be set without actually using the smartphone.

In this How2 we explain how to create such a timer tag.

Configurate NFC as a trigger

An NFC tag shall be the trigger for setting the alarm. To do this, we open the App Trigger - Task Launcher and then tap on the + - symbol in the bottom right corner.

Next we select NFC and tap on NEXT and then on DONE.

  • 1. Configurate NFC as a trigger
  • 2. Configurate NFC as a trigger

Create a task

To create a task, we now tap on NEXT and select AlarmsSet alarm (timer)NEXT. In the following screen we enter the desired number of minutes and tap on ADD TO TASK.

Under Name we can name our task, in our case: Timer Tag.

Then we tap on NEXT and DONE.

Create a task

Write on NFC-Tag

Finally, we hold the desired NFC tag on the upper back of the smartphone and describe it with our automation. Finally we see a list Trigger, in which we can now see our action.

  • 1. Write on NFC-Tag
  • 2. Write on NFC-Tag

In this How2 we have explained how a timer can be written to an NFC tag and then triggered. Once the above steps have been completed, the NFC tag can be easily placed in the apartment to start the timer. Here we explain how this works with an iPhone.

Here we explain how other tasks can be written to and executed by NFC to make operations on the Android smartphone easier and more efficient.

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